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I started watching this episode in March and was so horribly embarrassed that I peaced out for five months. Thank god for Netflix saving my spot.

Episode Notes: The last one from March is 'TAKING A BREAK BEFORE I LITERALLY HAVE TO DIE' )

Overall Reaction: I really, really, really have a massive embarrassment squick, and this episode TROMPS ALL OVER IT.

But, also -- although I know it is part of a pattern of self-destructive romantic choices -- I could not make sense of Jenna's behavior or expectations in this episode at all. Yes, Data presents as humanoid, and humans love to project emotions onto things, but what does Jenna think she is going to get out of a relationship from a person who is self-confessedly incapable of emotion? "This is all part of a program?" she asks incredulously at one point, and I just want to shake her and say, "HOW DO YOU THINK DATA EXPERIENCES THE WORLD."

If anything, I felt a cringey sort of empathy with Data in this episode. As someone on the ace spectrum, the experience of performing a relationship without understanding the feelings or urges driving the other person is too real for me. Of course, Data, NOT HAVING EMOTIONS, would probably not immediately grasp the reason for my empathy.

In theory [oh, damn, that's the name of the episode, but I've committed to saying it], I can appreciate the premise of the episode -- Data likes to explore what it means to be human! Of course he would want to experience romantic love too! -- but the actual experience of watching the episode was a world of nope.

Star Rating: **

Quote of the Episode:
"But I'm not capable of love."
"Then it's going to be a very unique experience." (Data and Guinan)
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Episode Notes: Riker? More like RiKirk. By which I mean Riker fits Kirk's reputation as an intergalactic hussy better than the Captain does. )

Overall Reaction: I always enjoy seeing Riker go into diplomat mode, and this was no exception. It was interesting to see how the Federation approaches an intentional first contact, and even more interesting that the aliens decided they weren't ready to be part of an intergalactic community yet.

It's been a few months since I watched the episode (oops), so I don't have much else to say, but I thought this was a solid venture.

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode: "My world's history has recorded that conquerors often arrived with the words, 'We are your friends'." (Good point, Sampa)
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This is one of those times that I realize I never did a write up for an episode I watched months ago, and so may not remember everything I wanted to say. However, since it is a Lwaxana Troi episode... I think I'll remember the important bits.

Episode Notes: Females do not deserve the honor of lj-cuts. )

Overall Reaction: I am aware that not everyone feels as I feel, but my love for Lwaxana Troi is a true and powerful thing. Much like the Ferengi's love for her, but with much less casual misogyny. I am willing to pay handsomely for her, though.

Also, although Deanna is not my favorite character, she is at her most likeable in her interactions with her mother -- her exasperation is very relatable, as are her efforts to get her mother to "stop demeaning me and address me as an adult." I liked that this episode gave them so much opportunity to interact.

And, finally, I adored the resolution of this episode. Both because we got to see Lwaxana being canny and plotty, for all she can seem like she has lost the plot a bit, and because she managed to organize her own rescue in a way that forced Captain Picard to pretend to be her jealous lover. And to serenade her with a sonnets mash-up. Truly, it was a thing of beauty.

Sort of a light, goofy episode -- and I'm not sure the show really knows what it's doing with the Ferengi yet -- but it brought a few of my favorite things together in a delicious way.

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode:
"My love...is a fever, longing still, for that which longer nurseth the disease."
"Tell me more."
"In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes, for they in thee a thousand errors see; but 'tis my heart that loves what they despise, who, in despite of view, are pleased to dote. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate!" (Jean-Luc, "wooing" Lwaxana)
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This review is forcing me to institute a new special section, entitled simply:

The Hotass: Caps of people looking attractive in stupid swimwear beneath the cut. You may not like 50% of it if you're not a Vash fan. )

Okay, not that I've gotten that taken care of:

Episode Notes: Riker's working overtime to earn his lech tag in this ep, and he's barely even in it. )

Overall Reaction: Ahhhhhh, what fun. This entire episode was just such a romp.

ENTERPRISE CREW: Dude, Picard, take a chill pill.
RIKER: You need to get laid. I know the perfect spot!
RIKER: It's great! It's not a brothel at all! P.S. Can you buy me a souvenir?

SCANTILY CLAD WOMAN: Heyyyyyy, stud.
PICARD: No means no.
SCANTILY CLAD WOMAN: Well, you should have thought of that before you bought a sexuality totem.
SCANTILY CLAD WOMAN: Oh, sorry, I didn't realize it was for a special friend.
PICARD: Well, he's not so special now.

VASH: Hey, sailor.
PICARD: I don't want to have sex with you.
VASH: Well, maybe I don't want to have sex with you.
PICARD: *raises eyebrow*
VASH: Okay, yeah, that's not very likely. Anyway, I am just going to hang around here being outrageous and affronting your sense of dignity and generally being a flirtatious troublemaker until you find me hot despite yourself.
PICARD: That will absolutely work.
Q: I KNEW IT. Oh, Jean-Luc!


PICARD: I am totally on to you, Vash. But I pretty much find you hot anyway.
VASH: You have got a type and it is hilariously wonderful. Just wait until I team up with Q in DS9. Then your head will really explode.

RIKER: So, did you get laid?

And that was pretty much the whole episode. And I fucking loved it. Also, this is the most I have ever liked Vash, which is what I get for watching her episodes entirely out of order. Now I'm looking forward to rewatching the Robin Hood Q episode even more.

Star Rating: *** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:
(Vash kisses Picard.)
"I think you've mistaken me for someone else."
"You know, I think you might be right. Welcome to Risa!"
"A simple handshake would have sufficed." (Picard and Vash)
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She lives!

Yeah, so this last semester was really busy, and, while I had insomnia that guaranteed I technically had tons of free time, it was more the kind of free time where I could do nothing more taxing than playing Bejeweled and watching Modern Family -- taking notes on things was beyond me.

But I watched nearly all the rest of season one of DS9 today, and I have some posts to make! Hopefully I shall keep the momentum up this summer, since I'm, you know, NOT DOING ANYTHING ELSE.

Episode Notes: Apparently there was a...space puppy in this episode? )

Overall Reaction: This episode rates a relatively mediocre rating from me because I think that -- assuming whatever was going on with O'Brien was the A-plot -- I paid no attention to the A-plot whatever, and what I took away from it was pretty silly. But, you know, O'Brien has a digital space pup now. Good for him.

As far as the part of the episode I actually paid attention to, this was for the most part not my favorite Lwaxana Troi episode, probably because of how sexual harassmenty it was. Okay, so she is quite sexual harassmenty of Picard as well, but Odo is the only character who is less good with people than Picard, and he took his complaints rather tactfully through the official channels, and Sisko basically cracked up. I have a strong "WOMEN CAN SEXUALLY HARASS TOO" button and this was pushing it. Sisko! It is so inappropriate to tell someone who tells you he is being made uncomfortable by someone (a) that he should enjoy the attention, (b) that that person is powerful and therefore he should ignore it, and (c) that he needs to get laid. Especially given that later in the episode he told a story about punching an ambassador who tried to take advantage of a female crewmember.

That said, I really enjoyed the scene in the elevator where we got to get a bit more insight into Odo -- oh god, his story about being told to be the "life of a party" and be a chair or a cat was heartbreaking -- and to see an unusually grounded and understanding Lwaxana. The moment when she took off her wig was really lovely. So the episode did have its redeeming features, despite being sort of average on the whole.

Star Rating: ** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:
"Every sixteen hours I turn into a liquid!"
"I can swim." (Lwaxana, gamely hitting on Odo)


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