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I watched this one while working out, and so I took no notes, but I will try and remember everything I noticed!

Episode Notes: Wingin' it. )

Overall Reaction: What a checkered history you now have with the Romulans, Geordi. Are you somehow irresistible to them, or just lucky?

I can't say I found this episode overwhelmingly compelling -- I'm always glad when there is movement in the intergalactic political scene on this show, but I'm also just never that interested in the Klingons? -- but it wasn't a hardship to watch either. I enjoyed seeing Geordi essentially having a showdown with himself all episode, as he constantly uncovered or foiled his own brainwashed agenda. I can't blame him for not being the one to ultimately put all the pieces together, because "I was the criminal and never knew it!" is a pretty unexpected end to a detective story. (I want than Sherlock Holmes fic now, though. Or the Holodeck adventure when Data is Holmes and Moriarty.)

The final scene, in which Deanna helps Geordi begin the painful process of rejecting his false memories and facing the real trauma that he has undergone, was very well done though. I feel like we don't often get to see Deanna and Geordi play off one another. They had a really lovely dynamic in this episode, and I appreciated getting to see Deanna really do the work of a counselor as she kindly, but firmly, led Geordi through the hard first steps of recovery.

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode:
"And that's all?"
"Yeah. Well, there was this..."
"Her name is Jonek."
"But, er... you wouldn't wanna hear about that. Better get ready for duty. Nice talking to you, Counselor." (Deanna, fishing, and Geordi, being a tease)
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Episode Notes: All my notes were about rank pips.

Overall Reaction: Oh my god, Geordi had a lady friend! An unfraught lady friend! She calls him her "little brother" and she gives him not so great dating advice and there's hugging and she saves him with the power of friendship! No kissing! Even Geordi shamefully misrepresenting himself as a swingin' bachelor with his pick of the ladies could not sour this experience for me.

Also there was a plot, but I watched this last September or something. I'm just trying to power through my backlog so I can watch a new episode tonight.

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode:
"You know I'm not a threat. The others, Mendez, Brevelle, they don't exist as Humans anymore. But a part of you still does. You're not one of them yet, Geordi. I can help you if you'll just trust me. I know what's going on inside of you - the war you're fighting with yourself. Your Humanity slipping away. The instinct to run. It's overpowering. But they know how to beat it now, Geordi. Look at me! I've come back, Geordi. Let me take you back, too." (Susanna, being a friiiiend)
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No notes, because everything I has to say deserves to be said outside of the cut.

Overall Reaction: Watching this episode was like being stabbed over and over again in the heart.

1) The action plot of meeting an incredible new creature...and killing it, was actually very well-done. Picard's happy little face on encountering a new lifeform is what Trek is all about. But, still -- they killed a pregnant mother. And then the baby imprinted on the ship because it had no living parental figures. WHY WOULD SOMEONE EVEN WRITE THAT STORY.

2) The romance plot gave me lots of feelings, too. Feelings of "WHY," and "WHY GOD WHY," and "STOP PLEASE STOP," and "I am so grossed out, so grossed out."

Show, I want to like Geordi LaForge. I really do. And, when he is not interacting with women, I usually do. But his discomfort with women is not charming or relatable; it is adolescent, and frankly a bit disturbing. He is a Nice Guy (TM) -- he feels he is entitled to a woman, but can't accept the fact that the woman he wants might be a real person with her own needs or desires that don't perfectly mesh with his own. He spends most of this episode alternately punishing Dr. Leah Brahms for not being his fantasy girl or coming on much too strong because of some false sense of intimacy from the Holodeck. She, on the other hand, is initially brusque -- even rude -- but she quickly acknowledges that she that she made hasty judgements and resolves to take Geordi on his own merits; she behaves, after their first meeting, with polite professionalism. Geordi plays soft jazz at her.

This episode wants me to see this as "they both made prejudgements! They both learned about each other and came to work as a team! They finish each other's sentences, it's charming!" I just can't go there. I appreciate that Leah is married, and so Geordi isn't rewarded with romance -- he does have to acknowledge the difference between fantasy and reality. But it's not some cute foible that can be aw shucksed off. His behavior was creepy and inappropriate and if I were Brahms', I'd have written him up for more than fucking with my engine design. She was right to feel violated when she found out about the Holodeck program, and she shouldn't have had to get over it.

Star Rating: **, but purely because I think Leah is great and the space whale plot, while SOUL CRUSHING, was pretty good

Quote of the Episode:
"All right, look. Ever since you came on board, you've been badgering me. And I've taken it. I've shown you courtesy, and respect, and a hell of a lot of patience. Oh, no, no, no, wait a minute! I've tried to understand you, I've tried to get along with you. And in return, you accused, tried and convicted me without even bothering to hear my side of it. So, I'm guilty, okay? But not of what you think! Of something much worse. I'm guilty of... reaching out to you. Of hoping we could connect. I'm guilty of a terrible crime, Doctor. I offered you friendship." (Geordi, UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH)
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Episode Notes: Hey JC, JC, would you transfigure for me? )

Overall Reaction: I'm just going to get this out of the way: SPACE JESUS. SPACE JESUS SPACE JESUS SPACE JESUS.

Half my notes (well, of the notes not about Geordi's lack of luck with ladies) were like "Wow, this guy is super likeable. And hot. Very hot. Picard just felt him up. Picard just realized Beverly thinks John Doe is hot and is now side-eying him. He's so hot I don't even mind that hideous, hideous turtlejumpsuit. Even if it is embarrasingly revealing and his nipples are much too visible and really that's a terrible jumpsuit."

And the second half were all "SPACE JESUS."

This all begs the question...am I doomed to find Jesus hot forever?

No, I'm sorry! This has all gotten so out of hand! Focus, Taf, focus!

To be fair, though, I am not the only person distracted by my strange feelings for Space Jesus. Beverly is intrigued by her the quick healing alien patient with no memory from the start, even having what has to be the most awkward boy talk conversation with her teenage son ever. Sure, Bev. We've all used the "deep spiritual connection" line to justify the butterflies we get with our amnesiac patients. Wes is clearly humoring you. (Come to think of it -- that spiritual connection line probably should have tipped me off to the Space Jesus thing.)

And, ultimately, his charisma and appeal is the main strength of this episode. The episode's message is a little muddled -- the old Star Trek standby of kindness and tolerance and joy in IDIC has been done better -- but Mark La Mura as John Doe held my attention throughout. (Shut up.) I wanted him to remember who he was and to find out where he came from, I didn't want him to be turned over the authorities on his home planet (even if, like the crew of the Enterprise, I struggled with what that would mean for the Prime Directive), and I felt for him in his fears of persecution. Also, I decided to become his acolyte and convert into an energy being myself. Wait. No.

For all I've belabored them, though, the Jesus parallels could have been much more hammer-like, and I enjoyed this episode. It was helped along by an entertaining script with some great moments for Worf and Geordi.

(Did I want Geordi to have a consciousness exchange with the mysterious injured alien when they did their risky neural hook-up thang at the beginning of the episode, and to hopefully become a super sassy villain? Obviously. But I guess him developing self-esteem or whatever was...whatever. *sigh*)

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode:
"I’VE BEEN TUTORING HIM. HE LEARNS…VERY QUICKLY." (Worf, about Geordi's newfound romantic success, with this amazing wry little chuckle in his voice)
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Episode Notes: I'll overcome that in order to erase the humiliation that I've brought upon myself and my father. / You're just in your own little Euripides play over there, aren't you? )

Overall Reactions: So I guess that brings me to the actual plot of the episode, and not just the red herring cross-cultural-hijinks plot that I held out so much hope for. Which, fine, I can do the Klingon Honor plot, even if I got over my hard-on for HONOR at, like, age fifteen.

So, I missed some of the nuances with how the Klingon justice system works and why exactly Worf had to descend from on high to go through a trial with the death penalty to try and avenge his father's honor. I'm sure it's all perfectly self-explanatory to Klingons. The set-up wasn't really what was interesting about the plot, anyway. What was interesting was seeing the character with possibly the most black and white view of right and wrong and of honor in the show (something I've commented on a bit before) come face to face with corruption and hypocrisy at the heart of the system that he believes so strongly in, even more strongly because of his separation from it. The episode didn't hold my interest all the way through, but the last scene, where Worf had to shame himself and be outcast (again) from his people, when there was no last minute reprieve to clear his name, was powerful.

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode:
"The family of a Klingon warrior is responsible for his actions, and he is responsible for theirs. If I fail in my challenge, I will be executed." (Worf, in a quote chosen not because it is interesting, but because it actually vaguely explained the justice system stuff I zoned out on while watching)
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Episode Notes: I got three minutes into this episode before realizing I watched it before, but fell asleep. How many times am I doomed to watch Geordi try and date? )

Overall Reaction: So, upon watching this episode, I did in fact realize that I had watched it before, but while I had pneumonia and so had dozed through most of it. It seems that something about Geordi's painfully awkward attempts at romance would always wake me up and draw my attention, though, because those were the only parts of the episode I remembered -- and, let me tell you, I enjoyed this episode a hell of a lot more when I focused on the plot. Everything about Geordi and women in this episode made my skin crawl -- the horrible first date, the holographic romance, the back rubs and unprofessionalism, and especially the line "Great, another woman who won’t get personal with me on the holodeck." But the basic conceit of working with one of the designers of the Enterprise to solve an engineering problem was interesting, especially when it intersected with Picard's history geekery, which was the truly enjoyable part of the episode for me. I loved the ending, when Picard got to fly the Enterprise out of danger "on one propeller."

So, this wasn't my favorite episode -- nothing transcendent in the plot, too much Geordi awkwardness -- but it was much more solidly enjoyable than I previously thought.

Star Rating: ** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:
"Every time you touch it, it’s me." (Holodeck lady, exemplifying what I find gross in this episode)


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