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Three months after finishing watching DS9 S1, look who's finally made some icons!


96 icons )

As always, take at will, but please comment!
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Episode Notes: Yesssssssssssssssssssss. )

Overall Reaction: Apparently there was some sort of plot, here? Something about the sacrifice of revolutionary ideals and working from within the system? Some sort of spy intrigue?

Well, normally I would eat that stuff up with a spoon, but I must have been distracted by all the GAY.


That Garak, aside from being one heckuva character -- I can see why he was ultimately brought in as a pivotal figure, and I enjoy his repeated assertions that he is just a "simple" tailor -- could not have been hitting on Julian more and it was DELIGHTFUL. Especially Julian's utter obliviousness to it (because he's obviously going to be the butt of every single joke in DS9). Everyone around him is all, "Wow, sweetie, you got asked out on a date. How are you so dumb?" And he's all like, "Spiiiiiies!" And just by sheer coincidence, he was almost right.

Basically, I nearly split my face grinning while watching this. There were sort of jazz hands! For serious! If he straightens up in the future I do NOT WANT TO KNOW.

Star Rating: ***, but ONE MILLION for Garak

Quote of the Episode: Okay, so I go to a college where people will frequently say, "Um, we should watch that movie sometime, for class" and shuffle off and trick you into what they consider a date with their social awkwardness. This, however, combined with shoulder-touching and a tone of frank appreciation, is not doing that:

"You may also know, I have a clothing shop nearby, so if you should require any apparel or simply wish, as I do, for a bit of enjoyable company now and then, I'm at your disposal, Doctor." (Garak, who's a fucking spy)

Dear lord, Julian, not everyone has to hump the leg of their prospective dates like you do. ♥


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