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Before I say anything, a query: When Picard says he met Sarek at his son's wedding, that would be Sybok, right? Because he'd have just said Spock if he meant Spock, especially since the wedding would cleeeeearly have been with a previous Enterprise Captain. I mainly ask because I reject all movies except two through four, and have an ambivalent relationship with the canonicity even of those, and therefore I know nothing about the Spock-half-brother thing.

Episode Notes: Imma get this out of the way first: that is one fine looking two hundred year old. )

Overall Reaction: I love the GOOD GODDAMN out of Sarek, I am so happy to see him back on my television screen. Not least of all because it gives me an opportunity to engage in my favorite Star Trek pastime, which is to think about Spock. I just...I feel so much for Spock sometimes, because there's this real sense that he tries SO MUCH HARDER than everyone else and buys in so much more to the COMPLETELY AFFECTLESS Vulcan thing because he's different and half-human, and a big part of that is that I feel he sees himself as a massive disappointment to his father. Which -- in this episode we learn that Sarek has married not just one, but two human women. He obviously finds some emotionality charming despite himself. (He even gets in some HARDCORE VULCAN FLIRTING here, which is what "Perrin can be quite logical. When she chooses," clearly is. It's the verbal equivalent of him always going around touching fingers with Amanda.) I just wish that he and Spock could have had a better relationship than they clearly do. It made hearing Sarek talk about how much he cared for his wives and son that much more poignant here, because while Perrin can say she always knew, I really don't think Spock did.

As much as I love a good Vulcan outburst of feeling, though, this was pretty painful to witness. I jokingly wrote down, about ten minutes into the episode, "do senile Vulcans become emotional? Is it really embarrassing for everyone?" and then it was TRUE and I felt terrible. I can't imagine anything more undignified for a Vulcan, and the worst thing is that it brings with it the openness to feel the acute embarrassment it no doubt causes. I was so glad to have Sarek back, but it was sad to see him this way.

Star Rating: *** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:
"Bedlam. BEDLAM! I'm so old. There is nothing left but dry bones, and dead friends. Oh... tired. Oh, so tired." (Picard as Sarek)


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