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Episode Notes: Hahaha. Oh, Bashir, you are dumb as sticks. )

Overall Reaction: This was fun! I liked the not-so-slow build up of out of character antagonism -- one of my early notes is "Is this a mirror-verse episode or something?" -- as the psychic-ma-bobber that makes them act out an earlier society's power struggles begins to take effect. I wish, I suppose, that things had been more explained -- how did this happen? Why did Sisko build a clock? Who got Dax high? But the episode made good use of Odo as the sole person unaffected by the psycho-whatsit and of Avery Brooks' psychopath voice, and had a particularly charming ending in Odo tricking Bashir into saving everyone's asses.

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode:
"How are you, Lieutenant?"
"You know what they say -- put the shoe on the right foot first, but put the left foot first into the bathtub." (Kira and Jadzia, who has completely lost me)
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Episode Notes: They fear our strength! )

Overall Reaction: Hm. Not my favorite episode. Far from terrible, of course -- I rather liked the B-plot about the young woman struggling with how to lead her people and goofing around with Jake and Nog. Or was that the A-plot? That was rather the problem. I'm not really sure what this episode was about. The two plots seemed disjointed, leaving no coherent take-away message, though I guess ultimately they both dealt with coming into your own as a young leader.

And I'm not sure of how I feel about the take-away from the O'Brien-Bashir subplot. Their dynamic was fun enough, that's not the problem. What I was wondering was -- how effective is this whole storyteller thing? I understand that it was begun to help foster group unity in a divided community, but is the best way to do so really to have the people put their faith in one person, only to fall apart in terrified chaos if that person is perceived as weak? Wouldn't the lesson really be better learned through actual, communal cooperation, rather than through some sort of group chant that it doesn't seem any of the people reflect on? Perhaps it was just how thinly painted this group of Bajorans was.

Star Rating: ** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:
"Once upon a time... th-there was a Dal'Rok..." (O'Brien, beginning the retelling that I sekritly hoped would turn into a rousing speech that taught the people of their self-worth and pushed them to self-reliance)
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Luckily, 95% of my notes from this episode were written on paper, and I can remember the main gist of the ones that weren't. They were "please, god, do not let you child learn about sex from a Ferengi. Their women are canonically forbidden to wear clothing."

Episode Notes: Double their peril, double your gain! )

Episode Notes: I'm not going to lie, I dug it. I mean, since they obviously didn't just kill Julian off, I pretty much called the punchline, but it was fun. I appreciated that the trials our Fearsome Foursome went through weren't necessarily in the "BIG SCARY MONSTERS AHHH!" vein, but were rather quirkier and more varied (if rather obvious). That's pretty much it: lame, but fun.

Star Rating: ** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:
"I'm an administrator. This is not what I signed up for!" (Kira, again -- it was worth it)
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Dammit, my computer shut itself down for updates and I hadn't saved my notes on this episode.

Oh well, now we'll never know what it was about.

Okay, okay:

Overall Reaction: Hahahahahahahaha, person who plays Julian, you have a completely inappropriate amount of fun with this episode. "I am... as you would say... FIT... AS A... FIDDLE?" All that eye-rolling! Priceless!

I actually didn't call the ending to this, but that was more because I was a moron than anything. I definitely suspected the woman of being Vantika -- at least until the crew did -- but when she was acquitted, I was all, "Is it the annoyingly smug Starfleet security officer? Oh please, oh please."

Of course, he'd never interacted with Vantika in any way, least of all while he was still living. >.<

This post has become one big catalogue of my fail and I'm ending it now.

Star Rating: **

Quote of the Episode: I'm going to go with the fit as a fiddle one.
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Episode Notes: Restraining orders sadly don't work against Q. )

Overall Reaction: Not one of the stronger Q episodes in my mind -- the plot was relatively predictable given that he was involved, and he spent half of it stalking someone who wasn't Picard. She had just, you know, slept with Picard. (Maybe they just made out or something, I forget the details of their relationship.)

Vash is undeniably fun, though, and it was nice to have her back. I like to pretend that she's the great-great-great-etc.-granddaughter of Indiana Jones and Marion. We know they spawned; it's totally possible.

Star Rating: ** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:
"What did they call you? The god of lies?"
"They meant it affectionately." (Vash and Q, being awesome)


"You hit me? Picard never hit me!" (Q, missing his boyfriend)
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Episode Notes: Yesssssssssssssssssssss. )

Overall Reaction: Apparently there was some sort of plot, here? Something about the sacrifice of revolutionary ideals and working from within the system? Some sort of spy intrigue?

Well, normally I would eat that stuff up with a spoon, but I must have been distracted by all the GAY.


That Garak, aside from being one heckuva character -- I can see why he was ultimately brought in as a pivotal figure, and I enjoy his repeated assertions that he is just a "simple" tailor -- could not have been hitting on Julian more and it was DELIGHTFUL. Especially Julian's utter obliviousness to it (because he's obviously going to be the butt of every single joke in DS9). Everyone around him is all, "Wow, sweetie, you got asked out on a date. How are you so dumb?" And he's all like, "Spiiiiiies!" And just by sheer coincidence, he was almost right.

Basically, I nearly split my face grinning while watching this. There were sort of jazz hands! For serious! If he straightens up in the future I do NOT WANT TO KNOW.

Star Rating: ***, but ONE MILLION for Garak

Quote of the Episode: Okay, so I go to a college where people will frequently say, "Um, we should watch that movie sometime, for class" and shuffle off and trick you into what they consider a date with their social awkwardness. This, however, combined with shoulder-touching and a tone of frank appreciation, is not doing that:

"You may also know, I have a clothing shop nearby, so if you should require any apparel or simply wish, as I do, for a bit of enjoyable company now and then, I'm at your disposal, Doctor." (Garak, who's a fucking spy)

Dear lord, Julian, not everyone has to hump the leg of their prospective dates like you do. ♥


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