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First off, I'm sorry for my prolonged hiatus -- between the end of work, a twelve-day road trip, and moving into my new house and starting up classes, I've been swamped and internet connectivity has been low of late.

I'll try and catch up with my posts on already watched episodes (let's see if I remember anything about them!) and then start watching Trek again.

To start things off:

Episode Notes: In which VOY tries to do noir, and fails. )

Overall Reaction: Do shows need a womanizer character? They're so boring. Unless they're Kirk. And someone's always being framed for murder, and noir pastiches are always being attempted, and, frankly, VOY, I'm over it.

But, man, was the femme fatale of this piece doing her damnedest to be Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity or what?

Star Rating: * 1/2

Quote of the Episode: Whatevs.
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My trusty Trek guide, "The U.S.S. Make Shit Up" by Voltaire, assures me further that Seven of Nine will have a "smashing ass and a lovely set of tits," but as she has yet to be introduced in the first eight episodes of Voyager, she will not feature in my traditional "I have started watching a new spin-off!" character commentary.

As to my overall reaction to the show so far: I think I like it, but... I did watch Lost in Space, you know.

Characters. )

Short version: I like the ladies.

Also: I think I would read Janeway/Torres, Janeway/Tuvok, Janeway/Picard, Janeway/Uhura, Janeway/Dax, Janeway/Kira, or JANEWAY/A SHITTON OF TREK CHARACTERS. I am not proud of this.


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