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I started watching this episode in March and was so horribly embarrassed that I peaced out for five months. Thank god for Netflix saving my spot.

Episode Notes:
+ I was excited for like four seconds when I thought Data was just going to be a supportive pal to Jenna, but then I realized I was an idiot. YOU'RE BEING GIRLFRIENDZONED DATA.
+ Sometimes Guinan gives really good advice and other times I'm like, Guinan, this is obviously going to end in heartbreak. Don't enable this nonsense.
+ Worf is just universally awful at advice-giving. Frankly, when he talks about romance, I can't tell if he's over-compensating for his non-traditional upbringing by being so gung-ho Klingon about it, or if he just read a lot of really ardent Klingon romance novels growing up. Both? Either way, I don't think Data is going to be doing much "conquering that which he desires."
+ Riker is also a bad bet, for yet another completely different reason, that reason being OF COURSE Riker thinks this is a good idea. Riker would probably date Data if Data asked.

Overall Reaction: I really, really, really have a massive embarrassment squick, and this episode TROMPS ALL OVER IT.

But, also -- although I know it is part of a pattern of self-destructive romantic choices -- I could not make sense of Jenna's behavior or expectations in this episode at all. Yes, Data presents as humanoid, and humans love to project emotions onto things, but what does Jenna think she is going to get out of a relationship from a person who is self-confessedly incapable of emotion? "This is all part of a program?" she asks incredulously at one point, and I just want to shake her and say, "HOW DO YOU THINK DATA EXPERIENCES THE WORLD."

If anything, I felt a cringey sort of empathy with Data in this episode. As someone on the ace spectrum, the experience of performing a relationship without understanding the feelings or urges driving the other person is too real for me. Of course, Data, NOT HAVING EMOTIONS, would probably not immediately grasp the reason for my empathy.

In theory [oh, damn, that's the name of the episode, but I've committed to saying it], I can appreciate the premise of the episode -- Data likes to explore what it means to be human! Of course he would want to experience romantic love too! -- but the actual experience of watching the episode was a world of nope.

Star Rating: **

Quote of the Episode:
"But I'm not capable of love."
"Then it's going to be a very unique experience." (Data and Guinan)


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