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I watched this one while working out, and so I took no notes, but I will try and remember everything I noticed!

Episode Notes:
+ Are those shorty pajamas standard issue, and not just a Jean-Luc Picard special? Geordi looks good in his too:

+ Well, no, he looks tormented by the suppressed memories of his horrific torture, but. Uh. Nice stems? Red suits you?
+ Deanna continues to be gleefully over-invested in her friends' sex lives and I continue to love it. I especially love how Geordi played her.
+ Except for how actually he did not have any sexy shenanigans to tease Deanna with because he was busy being horrifically tortured. :(
+ Risa is where Picard met Vash and wore even shorter shorts than usual, right?
+ I guess I'm easy, but I always love jokes about Data not getting Geordi's jokes.

Overall Reaction: What a checkered history you now have with the Romulans, Geordi. Are you somehow irresistible to them, or just lucky?

I can't say I found this episode overwhelmingly compelling -- I'm always glad when there is movement in the intergalactic political scene on this show, but I'm also just never that interested in the Klingons? -- but it wasn't a hardship to watch either. I enjoyed seeing Geordi essentially having a showdown with himself all episode, as he constantly uncovered or foiled his own brainwashed agenda. I can't blame him for not being the one to ultimately put all the pieces together, because "I was the criminal and never knew it!" is a pretty unexpected end to a detective story. (I want than Sherlock Holmes fic now, though. Or the Holodeck adventure when Data is Holmes and Moriarty.)

The final scene, in which Deanna helps Geordi begin the painful process of rejecting his false memories and facing the real trauma that he has undergone, was very well done though. I feel like we don't often get to see Deanna and Geordi play off one another. They had a really lovely dynamic in this episode, and I appreciated getting to see Deanna really do the work of a counselor as she kindly, but firmly, led Geordi through the hard first steps of recovery.

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode:
"And that's all?"
"Yeah. Well, there was this..."
"Her name is Jonek."
"But, er... you wouldn't wanna hear about that. Better get ready for duty. Nice talking to you, Counselor." (Deanna, fishing, and Geordi, being a tease)


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