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First off, you can't have a recap without Captain Picard in his shorty pajamas:

Oh, and why not:

Episode Notes:
+ No, really, was I drunk? My first several notes: "yissss a mfin Q ep", "picard’s such a nerd I fin love him", "in love in love in love", "his pot of coffee", "vaaaaash", "nice sweater bev", "is she gonna get jealous", "nope better yet they’re gonna be frenemies." Whence punctuation?
+ Can we talk about how hot Beverly is in britches? She looks so sprightly. Between this and that "nice sweater bev", keep it up, Doc. You're rocking it this episode.
+ Picard looks pretty great too. Definitely spent the whole episode yelling "Nice gams, Robin Hood!" at the screen, but that is what I do during approximately every version of Robin Hood I have ever watched, barring the animated one and the one with Russell Crowe, so...
+ Picard has such a type. Vash and Q are, like, spiritual siblings. (And don't think I didn't choke on my tongue when Q SHOWED UP IN HIS BED and was all "A VULNERABILITY I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR FOR YEARS. WOULD HAVE APPEARED AS A FEMALE.")

Overally Reaction: Yesssssssssssssssss. I love Q and I love Vash and they will make marvellous mischief together. This episode makes me so happy.

I really like the prickly relationship between Vash and Picard -- how uncomfortable he is to have her in his space, how hard it is for him to allow himself a non-professional life, but how much he is still trying because he is so hopelessly charmed by her. I love that this is his type, all button-pushing and brash and flirty, sitting in his Captain's chair in her slinky black dress.

The episode gets even better (of course) when the crew are unceremoniously dumped in Sherwood Forest by Q. They are supposed to be learning something, but damned if I know what. That really isn't the point of this episode. The humor is top-notch. Everyone has great moments (everything Worf does! all of Picard's faces!), but Vash really shines. Her pragmatism and self-reliance are so welcome in a love interest character, and she puts a delicious tweak on the Maid Marian story -- and a fantastic kink in Q's plans. I appreciate that Vash like Picard, and wants to be with him, but she is unapologetic about pursuing her own interests. In fact, she is ruthlessly self-interested. She does not need him to save her.

I'll still with my (possibly drunk) assessment: "in love in love in love."

Episode Rating: *** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:


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