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All I remember about last night after not falling asleep until almost 9AM: describing "The Wounded" as a poetic title.

I don't...not stand by that?

Episode Notes:
+ Datanezer Scrooge! Delightful! My favorite part of this, though, is that Captain Picard just takes time out of his busy captaining schedule to critique Data's acting. What a mensch.
+ I also love that Data is using method acting to learn about emotional response. <333
+ Is there a 23rd century requirement that every article of clothing turn into a jumpsuit somehow? How else does one explain corsettrousers?

+ My favorite fashion choice, of course, remains Picard's completely indecent pajamas.
+ “Q would never bother with contracts.” “Or economic forecasts.”
+ Data is like a stern teacher when he's arbitrating. "Settle down, settle down." How gratifying for once to see him making a judgement on whether somebody else may be owned, though!

Episode Notes: This was fuuuuun. Ardra brought some old school Trek flavor to this -- she's exactly the kind of person Kirk would have run across and probably kissed for the greater good.

Picard manages to resist kissing her, but, honestly, she's kind of his type. Oh, I don't think he's secretly pining for her, but she's just the kind of brash, outrageous figure who really gets under his skin, and that kind of fascination walks a fine line between outrage and attraction. (See: Vash, Q.) Sadly, Ardra ruins her chances by being a touch too "obvious and vulgar" (snap, Picard!), being a total charlatan, and also attempting to enslave an entire civilization.

So instead we just get to see Picard school her in the court of law. (Side note: do Starfleet officers have to pass the bar? I get that Kirk was apparently a giant nerd, but it seems incredible that we've now seen so many crew members serve judicial functions.) It's just as over the top and funny as you could hope, with the added bonus of getting to see Picard try and pep talk the enslaved civilization into self-esteem -- what did Ardra do for them, anyway?

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode:
"Please do not take any offense to these questions, Captain. You know how fond I am of you."
"Sustained. The advocate will refrain from expressing personal affections for her opponent." (Ardra, Picard, and Data, the best judge ever)


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