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Episode Notes:
+ I'm tickled by the idea that Data set up Keiko and Miles.
+ Bwahahaha, Worf looking at crystal swan wedding presents. "It is my understanding that the item selected should reflect the personality of whoever is giving it. This does not remind me of you." THANK YOU, DATA. ASTUTELY OBSERVED.
+ Worf's intense discomfort with human weddings, in general, is pretty amazing. "Human bonding rituals often involve a great deal of talking and dancing and crying."
+ Is this the first episode with Spot? HIIIII SPOT. HIIIII BABY. HIIIIIIIII. (I am a cat person. No apologies.)
+ Picard appears to be good with babies that are brand new and so can’t talk or require things of him or move.
+ Now, I'm not trying to be insensitive, but Keiko's kimono and wedding hat are crazy as shit, yo:

Overall Reaction: Well, this is probably the worst Data episode yet.

Oh, it's not terrible. It's just...flat. I'm used to episodes about him that really illuminate something about his nature, like "Measure of a Man", or show him growing as he learns more about where he comes from and who he is. This is just a fairly standard "Data is comically baffled by human behavior" episode, especially in the Keiko/O'Brien wedding subplot, which -- I'm with you, Data. I am baffled by Keiko's behavior, and when I realize that this is how the show introduced her, I am less than impressed. Even if calling off your wedding the day before were not "childish and selfish," as O'Brien rightly puts it, having an android deliver the message definitely qualifies, and she shouldn't get to laugh it off with no explanation to her utterly perplexed mechanical friend at the end. Sorry, Data.

The learning-to-dance subplot is similarly uninspiring. Data...picks up dancing adequately! By observing and replicating! Okay, then! The surprising highlight was actually Beverly's horror at the possibility of -- once again -- being known as the "Dancing Doctor."

The final subplot, involving a Romulan spy impersonating a Vulcan ambassador, was the most successful, probably because it is the most serious. Rather than merely showing "Data doesn't understand those wacky humans!", it showed how Data's observational and processing skills differ from our own, how makes sense of the world and draws conclusions about the people in it without the benefit of emotional cues. Data, having left the false ambassador's chambers after a tense, suspicious interview, remarks in voice-over that, "I have often wished for the sense that humans call intuition, or instinct. Since Vulcans are incapable of lying, I must accept the Ambassador's explanation as the truth. But I would still prefer a... 'gut feeling' to back up this conclusion." Watching him navigate his chosen world without that "intuition" is interesting.

In the sense of fairness, I will say that I caught this on TV last summer and enjoyed it more then -- for casual viewing, it is an engaging enough episode, as most Data-centric episodes are. At this point in his character arc, though, and during a mostly above average season, it is a little disappointing.

Star Rating: ** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:
"There are still many human emotions I do not fully comprehend - anger, hatred, revenge. But I am not mystified by the desire to be loved - or the need for friendship. These are things I do understand. " (ILU Data)


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