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Episode Notes:
+ I had to kind of tune out all the therapy sessions because I'm watching TNG to avoid dealing with my own grief right and I don't need Deanna counseling me about it, I AM ON THE OTHER SIDE OF A COMPUTER SCREEN DEANNA YOU CANNOT READ MY EMOTIONS IF I WANT TO PRETEND A TWO HOUR CRYING SESSION FIXES EVERYTHING LET ME.
+ Oh, Data, I will always love you, though: “I have noticed a certain impatience when I calculate a lengthy time interval to the nearest second.”
+ I still have no idea what was going on with the 2D creatures.
+ Much as I have no idea what is going on with Riker and Deanna's relationship. He went in for a kiss! Are they dating? Are they fucking? Are they best friends? Are they something in between that? I wish they never fucked and I mean that.

Overall Reactions: Deanna, girl, when you lose your empathic skills you go to hot mess territory fast.

They took "therapists make the worst patients" and ran with it in this episode. Deanna was pretty harsh with everyone after losing her empathic abilities, to the extent that I kind of liked it when Riker -- who'd just been hanging around being supportive -- kind of stone cold shut down Deanna's self-pity party. Although I like Deanna (regardless of any fun I may have had at the expense of the way the show sometimes uses her special senses), she can seem irritatingly composed and understanding from her position of superior understanding, and I think Riker hit the nail on the head with his "aristocratic" comment.

That's actually what I enjoyed in this episode. Not because I like seeing Deanna "brought down," but because I like seeing her get really worked up about something. I like anytime Deanna seems something other than the perfect unflappable therapist, whether she's teasing the Captain or grumping at Will (probably for calling her "aristocratic", shouldn't have done that, buddy) or reverting to petulance when faced with her mother -- or lashing out because she feels scared and powerless. This episode was like the opposite of the hilariously terrible episode "The Child", where Deanna faced an even freakier experience with a blissful doped-out equanimity. I like when Deanna gets to be human, even when she isn't being that likeable. (Though I could have used a little more likeability -- the A.V. Club's review of the episode notes that "'The Loss' requires us to feel both appalled at Troi's behavior and sympathetic at the anguish she's experiencing, and it's so much better at the former that the latter is nearly impossible," which is both harsh and accurate.)

This wasn't a great episode -- or even a terribly good one, I still don't really know what happened in the plot and it was really too brief to deal adequately with the reality of living with disabilities -- but there have been much worse Deanna ones. Maybe some better ones in the future, though?

Star Rating: ** 1/2

Quote of the Episode:
"Is this how you handle all your personnel problems?"
"Sure. You'd be surprised how far a hug goes with Geordi - or Worf." (Deanna and Will, who is clearly an amazing supervisor)


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