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Overall Reaction: ...Oh, sorry, I just got totally distracted reading about why Wil Wheaton left the show. I guess "wanted to take movie roles" is acceptable, though I also would have accepted a mere, "It really really sucked to be a teenager playing a character everyone in the universe hated."

On that note, I'm going to try and be nice about Wesley now that he's leaving, and not to dance gleefully at his abrupt departure. Much.

All of my notes were actually about him this episode, so there was nothing for me to put above. My notes were even mostly nice! If you ignore the one that says, "why would you want to be in a tiny shuttle with a way too happy Wesley for days," that one was a little harsh. Also the bit where I just wrote "FUUUUUUUU WESLEY."

I'm sorry, this was going to be nice! It will be nice! Here is the nice: I thought this was a not too annoying send-off for Wesley. Yes, he did some mysterious I'm-a-super-genius problem solving, but it was local problem-solving rather than Enterprise-saving, and so I'm going to forgive it. Also, I didn't understand it because they didn't even make an effort to explain what was going on there so I really feel unequipped to judge.

I'll also forgive his slightly whiny snark, because the miner guy was an asshole and deserved the whiny snark.

Wesley also had some nice emotional scenes with Picard, who I'm not convinced really cares about Wesley, but I am convinced that Wesley really cares about him and sees him as a paternal figure, and so Wesley's worry about him and attempts to be brave for his sake and his desire for Picard's approval and all the swirling teenage emotions he went through rang true. UGH, I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T GET WHY ALL THESE ADULTS GIVE THEIR TIME AND ENERGY TO CARING ABOUT THIS TEENAGE BOY, WHY IS HE SO SPECIAL, PLEASE JUST GO GROW UP AT STARFLEET WESLEY. No, wait, that got mean again.

This was a perfectly acceptable episode, and it also means Wesley is henceforth relegated to guest star, so...

Star Rating: ** 1/2 for the episode; * star for my attempts not to be mean, I am so sorry, he just brings out the senseless character basher in me

Quote of the Episode:
"Sir... you don't know this. No one knows this. Because I've never told anyone. All of the things that I've worked for - school, my science projects, getting into the Academy... I've done it all because I want you to be proud of me." (Wesley, I'm pretty sure everyone knew that)
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