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Episode Notes:
+ It's awfully convenient that Klingon children age like two to four times faster than human children. Very convenient indeed.
+ Worf makes amazing faces of outrage and surprise in this episode.
+ Klingon Candidate #2, a.k.a. the one who wasn't in that last Klingon-y episode, has crazy eyes.
+ I don't know how to say this in a way that doesn't sound like I'm saying she's evil, rather than expressing the sincerity of my love for her, which is my actual aim: K'Ehleyr reminds me of a villain from 1960's Batman. Specifically, Catwoman, but any femme fatale-y villainess. She has that kind of sexy smirky sashay and aura of don't-mess-with-me unflappability. I adore her.
+ I could watch Picard use bureaucracy as a weapon all day long. Kirk never would have had the patience.
+ I could also watch Worf carrying children all day.

Overall Reaction: I love K'Ehleyr. I'm glad to see her again. She is beautiful and sassy and amazing and super smart and she does all this research and is always two steps ahead of Worf who is trying so hard to be long-suffering and noble. Oh, baby.

Therefore, I hate that she dies.

Hate. Hate hate hate.

And I'm not all that thrilled that she died leaving a SUDDEN SURPRISE CHILD, because I'm not sure what this show needed was a baby (even if for now Alexander is stashed on Earth).

And I still don't care about Klingon politics except inasmuch as they cost us all an AWESOME LADY. Screw you, Klingon politics!


It's a pretty well-done episode, and while episodes about Klingon culture are never going to be my favorite, I do like seeing Worf struggle with finding his place within that culture and I really like the alternative perspective K'Ehleyr gives us on mediating human and Klingon identities. I just could have done without the fridging.

Star Rating: ***

Quote of the Episode:
"He knows nothing of our ways!"
"Our ways? You mean Klingon ways, don't you?"
"He is Klingon!"
"He is also my son and I am half Human. He will find his own ways. Why the sudden concern? You won't even acknowledge that he's yours." (Worf and K'Ehleyr, discussing Alexander)


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